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The company has achieved the entire trust of users by supplying excellent Polishing and Finishing Metals. All the Polishing & Finishing Metals meet to the diversified requirements of customers. These are provided at market leading prices and delivered on time.

  • Buffing Compositions yellow, Green & White: For Aluminium, Brass, Copper & Stainless Steel
  • Rouge Compositions: For Brass, Silver & Gold
  • Emery Compositions: For Mild Steel.
  • Tripoli Compositions: For Plastic, Acrylic Horn Buttons.
  • Polishing Wheels Size:2 to 12 : Made By Cotton Cloth Made By SISAL Fibers Made Leather Covered Wheels Made By M.S. Wire Brushes Made By Brass Wire Brushes
  • Felt Wheel, Non Oven Pad Wheels, Flap Emery Wheels etc.
  • Emery Powder various grits.
  • Aluminium Oxides
  • Glue Powder & Flakes

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